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Current Fishing Report

I made it out to the beach the last three afternoons for an hour or so each. Monday I struck out, but I heard of one or two puppy drum. Tuesday I caught three puppy drum from 17" to 25". Mary Dean from Ocracoke had caught several puppy drum earlier, from 17" to 29". Chip Stevens from Blackeard's Lodge, Ocracoke, also caught three drum around the same size. Yesterday I was lucky and caught five puppy drum from 19" up to 25" in the hour so I was out. Tom Atherton from Ocracoke has also been catching a few fish as well. All of the puppy drum I have heard of have been on light tackle lure fishing. One or two people have tried bait, but I have not heard anything good there. The fish are cold and sluggish - it takes a very slow retrieve to get a strike. My fish were all on Hopkins, although I know some of the others were caught on grubs and mirrolures.
I stopped someone each day so that we could share a photo. I haven't been able to catch anyone else with a fish while I had the camera with me.
We're looking forward to getting the boxes put away and the store opened up with regular hours by early March. If the weather is nice maybe we'll make it Feb 27th.
Have fun fishing!




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