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Current National Park Service management is actively pursuing an Off Road Vehicle plan. But because past management groups failed to put an approved ORV plan in place in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area, NPS is vulnerable to a lawsuit with the Defenders of Wildlife and The Audubon Society requesting the beaches near the inlets, Oregon Inlet, Cape Hatteras Point and Spit, Hatteras Inlet, North end of Ocracoke and South Point of Ocracoke be closed to ORV traffic 365 days per year 24 hours per day until an approved plan is in place. The current National Park Service Management had begun working on a regulation to manage ORV use with these same plaintiffs on the committee, but the Defenders of Wildlife and Audubon Society believe this will take too long to set in place and want the inlets closed immediately while this process takes place.

How will this affect you and your family? Will you still vacation here on the Outer Banks if you can not reach these fishing points? Will you still come to the Outer Banks if you have to find a place to park and carry your surf board, fishing equipment, kite board, coolers, and chairs? Will you still spend your vacation dollars here as in the past? If not, how much will North Carolina lose in revenues? If you are fortunate enough to live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, how will this affect your life? Will you still see the same number of tourists in your store, motel, or restaurant? If not, what percentage of your income will be affected?

By fax or email-

Ask the North Carolina as well as your US senators and US Congressional representatives to contact the Department of Justice to defend this case for the Department of the Interior to ensure that the public is not banned from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area at the respective beaches of Bodie Island Spit, Cape Point, South Beach, Hatteras Spit, North Ocracoke and South Ocracoke year round 24 hours a day while the ORV rulemaking committee is working on an approved plan.

Federal Judge Boyle’s ruling is set for April 3, 2008 so you must act now.

Senator Elizabeth Dole Fax (919) 856-4053 and (202) 224-1100

Senator Richard Burr Fax (336) 725-4493 and (202) 228-2981

Congressman Walter B. Jones Fax (252) 931-1002 and (202) 225-3415

For all other states

Fishing Report
Mike Cooper from Moncure braved the very strong wind this weekend for a nice puppy drum. I heard of one or two other puppy drum and a few dog sharks. But the wind was crankin' for the weekend, sustained winds were close to 40 with gusts over 50 shutting down much of the ferry service Saturday. The wind started easing up yesterday, and this morning is one of those beautiful spring mornings that make you want to play hooky from school and work to go fishing.
After the NW wind yesterday water temp had fallen to 58 degrees, but I expect it is warming back up today. Weather forecast for the week looks great. Hopefully, we'll have someone come down and get a couple of photos for us.
Have fun fishing!




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