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Surf fishing remains slower than a couple days back due to the breezy conditions. We did get a couple of great drum pictures from those that stuck it out yesterday evening. Christie Faircloth from Angier, NC caught a citation 46" (26" girth) red drum, Kristi Sloan from Knoxville, TN caught another nice bluefish this week, and Fleetwood Pierce from Colerain, NC reported two red drum, a 45" and a 49" from last night. Others reported bluefish and sea mullets.

Inshore is tough due to the windy conditions. Reported from a couple of days ago, Ronnie O'Neal had a charter that found a great school of red drum to release. Wayne Belch (picture shown yesterday) took a charter out that landed 55 spanish mackerel, 8 black drum, trout, sea mullets, and spots.

Offshore is practically shut down due to the wind and seas.

Have fun fishing - I hope to try this evening myself if the kids cooperate...




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