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Good morning everyone. I started my last fishing report out with pictures of citation pompano caught by our friend Jennifer Esham. It was not intended to mislead anyone that these fish were caught from the surf but since I'm usually talking about surf fishing first then I can see where some of you may have been confused. Her fish were caught somewhere out in the sound by boat and probly at a submerged sandbar only visible during low tide. That's where we found them last year by boat when the waters were not clear in the surf. We're still having those conditions right now where the surf is still cloudy but hopefully today we'll start seeing them clear. In spite of not having clear water there were a few fish caught. Christine Kapp from Cary, NC caught a nice 17" flounder.

Also a few bluefish but most have been successful early morning and late evening. Fishing by boat has been more productive because they can go where the water is clear. They have been catching gray trout, speckled trout, pompano, black drum, red drum and flounder. That's all we have for now. Hopefully we'll see those waters clear today and the fishing bite will be back on strong.
The latest update that was waiting for me at the store were these 3 pictures that were all caught from the surf.

We do know that the Kennedy's were fishing at the airport yesterday and the water was much clearer there which accounts for their catch. So thankfully things are looking up. As we all know, the water can clear in a matter of hours. Let's go fishing!




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