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I know this is a picture of Hurricane Gustav but it's close or similar to what just happened to us yesterday. There was no time to react to this storm but to ride it out the best we could. As of 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon we are still on generator power. Because the island is full of both residents and non-residents we are having to share power by phases. Each side gets two hours at a time which helps out a ton. Tideland Electric is working very hard to restore power and has promised we'll have it either today or tomorrow if all goes well. I think the island feels very wounded by this but as always it is our plan to bounce back strong. We'll do our best to try and answer any questions as accurately as possible but for now we are thankful things were no worse than they were. Visitors, not being use to this sort of thing may remember it forever but no lives were lost. Thanks to everyone out there for their prayers.




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