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Bob and I were on the road yesterday going to Charlotte to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday. We have several more items of business to tend to but we're planning to return to the island by Tuesday. We're keeping in touch with our friends on the island. We do know 1. The ferry service from Cedar Island and Swan Quarter have started taking residents back to the island as of yesterday. 2. The phone lines have been restored. 3. The power is still running off the emergency generators. 4. The island (beach) looks very different and as one of our friends said..."you won't believe what you see". 5. The roads just north of the pony pen have been destroyed. The bridge just south of the pony pen was washed out but the bridge is still standing.

Once again Bob and I want to thank our friends who have given us so much support through their thoughts, prayers and offers to help. We are anxious to return to the island and even more anxious for those of you who love the island so much to return as well. We sometimes aren't the first to know everything and as you can read on our message board, some know quicker about what's going on than we do but we will do our best to keep everyone updated as often as we can.

Take care and keep fishing (when you get the chance). See ya soon!




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