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The tournament is over and the winner's are posted on our Message Board. While fishing the tournament for some produced great results, there were anglers, such as me, a member of the Sandbunnie Fishing Team who barely managed 5 points in 2 days worth of fishing. We did manage to catch a ton of grass which seemed to follow us no matter where we went. Luck of the draw! Still we had some great catches by other teams with sea mullet, flounder, black drum, a 41" red drum, gray trout and bluefish. While we were all struggling for points to win we had some real lucky angler's fishing at the south end of the island and by days end we were told that more than 50 citation size red drum were caught and released. Some of those lucky angler's names were George Stronach, Jim Long, Joe Bunn, Guy Newell, Robert Putman, Bert Quillin, Scott McNally, Louis Guzman, Robert Halstead, Willie Foster and Ricky Hardison, just to name a few.

The sound fishing was strong as well for gray trout, some puppy drum and bluefish.

That's all for now. A whole new story for tomorrow I'm sure with the winds shifting to NNE...

Have a great weekend and keep fishing!



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