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The past couple days from the surf produced puppy drum, black drum, gray trout, bluefish, pompano, spot, croaker, flounder and sea mullet. Bob and I have been busy catching bait for the store but have heard both good and bad tales of fishing at the shop. I would get really enthused when a group would come in and tell us of all the fish they caught and just when I started to give a fishing report another group would come in with really long faces saying nothing is biting. However, some of them admitted that they really didn't try too hard either so guess that's fishing!

Inshore fishing has been producing citation sized sheepshead and larger bluefish up to 13 lbs. as shown in picture. David and his son Roc Carter had some great days of fishing near Shell Castle. We also had flounder, red drum, some good numbers of gray trout and a few speckled trout.

That's about all we have for now. Have a great weekend and keep fishing!



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